Bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually chosen based on the affinity they have with the bride and groom. The maid of honor and best man’s roles are commonly given to the bride and groom’s sibling. But these roles can also be given to their best friends. This is because these roles are given to the closest person next to the parents. But the maid of honor is still a part of the bridesmaids and the best man of the groomsmen.

If you aren’t sure what your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s responsibilities are, here are some of them in case you a refresher.

  • Choose How Many They Should Be

Before diving into the general roles bridesmaids and groomsmen should perform, first, you need to determine the number. Generally, the traditional number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen is 4 of each. Beyond this number will make managing them a little harder. Nonetheless, it’s your wedding and you ought to pick the number that you feel is perfect for you.

  • Maid of Honor

It is the responsibility of the maid of honor to help the bride with the coordination and planning, subtleties of the wedding and assist the bride through the entire wedding arranging process. The maid of honor is additionally responsible for coordinating and planning the wedding party. And of course, she will make a speech and toast for the newlyweds.

  • Bridesmaids

Quite literally, they are the bride’s maids. But most commonly, the bridesmaid next assists the bride pick designs and decors for the invitations and giveaways, etc. The other 2 or the rest can likewise help with other obligations, for example, arranging the bachelorette party, girls’ night out, logistics, and more. But in general, they should give the bride a helping hand as often as possible, not just during the preparation but also during the wedding day itself and after it. Bridesmaids dresses can be identical or be flexible with colors and styles.

  • Best Man

The Best Man is the right hand of the groom. Like the maid of honor, he is responsible for setting up a toast for the groom and fills in as good help. He can select the groom’s clothing and is responsible for planning and arranging all exercises for the remainder of the groomsmen. Before the wedding, the best man is additionally in charge of helping with the mailing of the invitations. He is the one to stand beside the groom most of the time if not all, especially during the wedding ceremony.

  • Groomsmen

They function pretty much the same as the bridesmaids with the consideration that they help the groom with his responsibilities and roles. One groomsman can help with the vehicles to use or he can drive the groom to the location as well. Another one can be an usher, and so on. But all of them are required to attend all pre-wedding events. They can drink but one or some of them must stay sober. Their assistance may also be needed when it comes to organizing the event.