When summer comes, trees fill out, giving privacy from nosey neighbors and relaxing shade from the sun. However, why are some trees look puny and small, and the other ones have no leaves? You do not need to have a certificate in horticulture to grow strong and healthy trees or understand the obvious signs that your tree might be already dead or dying. You should know the tips on when to grow healthy trees and when to remove dead ones.

How will you make your trees grow faster and healthy? The first thing that you should do is to plant the tree and then, you need to ensure that you care for it carefully in order to provide it with the best possibility of growing strong and big. The following are some of the tips to help the new trees grow faster and stronger so that you can enjoy their beauty and shade in the long run:

1. Stop Hitting the Trees

Like any other living beings, trees are also living things; any time the tree bark is damaged, it affects the health of your trees. As a matter of fact, each time you nick your tree with a weed whacker, edger or lawn mower, the injured wounds become tempting port of entries for some infectious and harmful pathogens.

2. Provide Your Trees with Enough Space

When planting a tree, you should ensure to dig out enough depth, at least 3 feet away from the tree trunk. This actually ensures that essential nutrients will not be stolen away from them. Then, add some mulch to make a security boundary to prevent unwanted injuries to your trees.

3. Root for Your Tree

In order to grow strong and big trees, they basically need healthy root systems for them to pull in nutrients and water from the ground. This simply means your trees need good and healthy soil as well. If the soil surrounding your trees is poor quality or rock hard, you should loosen it up. Mix in some mulched leaves, coffee grounds or compost.

As a bonus, you should encourage a good root growth by applying fertilizers which contain root stimulator hormones to provide your trees with that additional boost they require to flourish.

How Can You Tell if Your Trees are Dying or Already Dead?

Just because your trees have few to no leaves doesn’t really mean they are dying or already dead.

Quick and Simple Test to Determine if Your Trees are Already Dead or Dying

1. Scratch Test

Scratch off small sections of the outside layer of the tree trunk’s bark. If there’s still a green portion underneath, your tree is still alive however, if it is already dry and brown, then it is most probably dead.

2. Bend Test

Locate some small tree branches then bend them. Once they snap quickly, then the branches are already dead.

3. Fungal Growth

If your tree has huge fungus forming on its trunk, it might be an indication of internal rot. For more information about this, it’s best to contact Noblesville tree removal service provider.